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Saundarya - source of Ayurveda energy - time for peace

Treat yourself to something very special in your daily routine. Enjoy a treatment centered specifically around you and your needs.

Let yourself be pampered for 3 ½ hours. A short informative talk about Ayurveda, your personal constitution and a glass of Ayurveda tea. Follow that up with a relaxing foot bath with petals and herbs. Then a whole body massage with specially selected scented oils reflecting your constitution. Finally a whole body peeling with traditional Ayurveda herbs round off this extremely relaxing massage.

During your stay, fresh fruit and drinks are of course available for you.

For 3 ½ hours you are the center of attention. Afterwards you will take a new lightness and composure with you into your daily routine.

3 ½ hours are reserved just for you:      195,- €

Please arrange a reservation with me personally. I look forward to your visit.