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Hot lime - coconut - Pinda

-    Cleansing / drainage treatment

Aromatic smelling, warm, tightly bound herbal balls (Pindas) are filled with fresh lime pieces and coconut and glide gently over a previously with an Abhyanga Massage pandered body. This refreshing, pleasant therapy makes the skin wonderfully soft, smooth and taut (elastic).

This treatment shows remarkable results in particular on problem zones such as the stomach, backside, thighs, weak connective tissue and scars.

This treatment can be booked as a single session or as a course of treatment.

Single session:    ca. 75 minutes   175,- €
Course of treatment    6 sessions of ca. 75 minutes    945,- €
(that is a 10% reduction)

Please plan about 2 hours for each session so there is enough time afterwards for a conversation, a cup of tea and a rest period.